Smurfit Kappa

SMURFIT KAPPA EVENT For 5 years now, Amielshow organizes all the festivals and galas of Smurfit KAPPA, a FTSE 100 Company who owns the five largest companies in the paper industry. Private or corporate parties, around the world, our team is able to adapt any need and desire. Some Souvenirs Noami Campbell 40th Birthday Noami […]

Watsons Cosmetic Company Gala

Watsons cosmetic Compagny Gala Hong Kong, Macao, Guangzhou EVENT When an event makes us roam throughout Asia, when it makes us perform for a gala for one of the biggest global cosmetic company: Watson, the only score that comes out of our vocal cords is YES! From Hong Kong, Macao to Guangzhou, our orchestra hosted […]

The One & Only Reethi Rah Hotel Gala

The One & Only Reethi Rah Hotel MALDIVES EVENT The One and Only chain of the Maldives The Reethi Rah Hotel has also trusted us for 2 years to animate their event to celebrate the Easter holidays and seduce their exceptional handpicked clientele. Some Souvenirs review I wanted to say thank you for the […]

Variety Club Charity Galas

Variety Club Charity Gala EVENT For over 7 years, a unique relationship of trust has been developed between Amielshow and the London Variety club for the animation of the annual charity gala. An event that we animate every year with the participation of an important personality who shares the stage with our orchestra.beautiful country and […]

Nicolas Sarkozy Election Gala

NICOLAS SARKOZY Election Gala Place de la concorde, Paris EVENT The day before the election of Mr Nicolas Sarkozy, we were contacted by Mr Vincent Fleurot, his collaborator, to play for his election in May 2007 on the Place de la Concorde with the participation of 400,000 people. At the opening of the stage, the […]

United Manchester Gala- Champions League Final

UNITED MANCHESTER Champions League Final Manchester EVENT Amielshow had the privilege to host the gala for the Champions League final in 2008 in Manchester and to have been hired by Mr Alexander Chapman Fergusson the Manager of the Manchester United football team. Some Souvenirs Noami Campbell 40th Birthday Noami Campbell 40th Birthday Noami Campbell […]

Rolex Trophy Gala

ROLEX TROPHY GALA Geneva, Switzerland EVENT On the occasion of the 3rd round of the Rolex Gala, our team moved to Switzerland and offered a show to all participants of this wonderful corporate event with guests of business mans from all over the world. Some Souvenirs Noami Campbell 40th Birthday Noami Campbell 40th Birthday THE […]